Thinking ahead, it’s the day after your wedding. Everything was as you had hoped for. Now you are probably getting ready to go on your honeymoon or having brunch with family that travelled to your wedding but what do you do with your beautiful wedding flowers? How do you preserve those memories?

cherish the wedding scarf

Why not turn them in to an heirloom that you can keep forever and maybe even pass on to your own children.

That is the unique idea of the Cherish the Wedding Scarf

Imagine your bridal bouquet and your partner’s flowers from the day, turned in to a gorgeous scarf that you can then wrap your first born baby in on their christening day. Or wearing your scarf out on your anniversary dinners.

Preserving the joy from that very special day for years to come.

We outline all that you need to do to arrange this special scarf here but please contact us if you have any questions or special requirements.

It’s easy. Place your order, send your flowers to us for some botanical alchemy, go away on your blissful honeymoon and come back to your new family heirloom.