Hi Lauren, tell us a bit about your upcoming wedding day?

We are having a Saturday wedding on 12th November 2016. It is going to be a waterfront garden wedding at Port Stephens, NSW.

What colour theme are you using for your wedding?

We have chosen a green & white theme- something pretty organic looking to compliment the garden setting.

What kind of flowers are you having for your bridal bouquet?

Beautiful white orchids, a mixture of greens, and soft umbrella ferns.

How lovely, what was your reason for choosing those types of flowers?

I chose flowers that to me are simple and elegant with the added softness of ferns to reflect our wedding style.

Did you tell your florist that you are going to get your bouquet preserved onto a scarf?

No I haven’t talked to florist but was going to when I next saw her.

How have you organised to send us your flowers after the wedding?

I am going to send the flowers myself as a task before we go on honeymoon.

Now about the honeymoon, where are you off to?

We are going to Tahiti for 2 weeks including a cruise of the islands.

So your scarf should be just about ready when you get home, what kind of scarf are you having made?

It is the 85cm x 85cm silk satin scarf. I think it is the most versatile size. I also had the fabulous option to have our initials hand painted by the artist somewhere on my scarf, such a lovely romantic touch!
This makes my scarf all the more special to me.

How do you think you will use your wedding scarf when you get it home?

I plan to have it out on display at home and to wear, scarves have become a very emotional and important thing in our lives as Kane’s late mother adored scarves and wore them all the time. It is very special to me to have been the lucky winner of this beautiful handmade piece which I will treasure.

When I have my gorgeous scarf to use and wear myself it is an amazing feeling that I can pass it on to my daughter or son or even a grandchild. The stunning handmade scarf, which is a one of a kind, has been made especially for me and being able see and know that what is imprinted on the scarf are the flowers and leaves from my actual wedding bouquet, wow!!! How incredible is that? I can’t wait for my new heirloom.

We wish you all the best for your Wedding day Lauren and Kane. We look forward to sending you your Wedding scarf in a few short weeks too.

If you are, or know, a bride to be and would like to discuss how we could help you preserve your wedding bouquet like Lauren please don’t hesitate to contact us.