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In today’s fast-paced and disposable times, there is a detectable turning of the tide to appreciate those things that are slower, timeless, more thoughtful and made by hand with care. Cherish – The Wedding Scarf by House of Ferguson counts themselves amongst this number.

After a chance meeting in 2013 with established Byron Bay artist Anne Leon, the House of Ferguson creators, Pip Rooke and Jane Soutter, took a special interest in one of Anne’s beautiful artistic techniques and Cherish – The Wedding Scarf was born.

The notion that the petals and foliage of flowers from significant life events could be preserved– imbued into a textile that could be loved forever seemed arrestingly appropriate. So much thought and care goes into the selection, and preparation of fresh blooms on your wedding day, or the birth of a new baby, a 21st birthday or other special celebration. What a beautiful notion that these usually short-lived flowers can be preserved forever in silk, pashmina, or ceramics.

Anne Leon is the mastermind behind the concept of transferring your flowers onto the finest pure silk satin, pure merino and pashmina fabrics creating exquisite heirloom textiles and permanent memories of the most magical times of your life. Your beautiful textiles – may they be a scarf, a throw or a wrap for a newborn – will be 100% natural, bespoke pieces with every single detail being hand crafted.

More recently Anne has extended this process into ceramics, creating bespoke tableware imprinted with the mark of your petals and leaves. The idea that the flowers from your wedding day can grace your table for shared meals with family and friends for generations to come is a special one.

We can produce several pieces from a single wedding bouquet or from a selection of flowers from your special day. The result is a unique heirloom that is truly personal to you and those that you love can cherish and hand down from generation to generation.

Anne Leon’s distinguished international career of more than thirty years has earned her many commissions from Interior Designers, Architects and Couturiers, both within Australia and off shore.

A passionate textile artist, she has developed many techniques that have allowed her to hone her skills to produce these outstanding heirloom pieces.

Anne’s work draws on the beauty of nature using a combination of innovative plant dyeing techniques. She is continually enthralled by the nuances of botanical alchemy that each flower and leaf imprint offers. The highest ecologically sustainable practices ensure the organic integrity of these superb pieces.

Each commission is unique, a timeless piece of art “signed by nature”.

cherish the wedding scarf Anne Leon
Anne Leon