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In today’s fast-paced and disposable times, there is a detectable turning of the tide to appreciate those things that are slower, timeless, more thoughtful and made by hand with care. Cherish – The Wedding Scarf by House of Ferguson counts themselves amongst this number. After a chance meeting in 2013 with established Byron Bay artist Anne…

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cherish the wedding scarf


What is the concept or your inspiration for these beautiful scarves? If a bride wants to get a series of heirloom scarves created, what does it involve? What happens to my bouquet when it arrives at your studio? Are there particular flowers or foliage that work best in making the scarf? What fabrics or materials…

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cherish the wedding scarf

New Beginnings

To celebrate the arrival of your special little one we can produce stunning shawls made from the flowers delivered to you in hospital, from your baby’s christening flowers or any occasion associated with this special event.

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cherish the wedding scarf

The Wedding Scarf

Wonderful heirloom pieces can be produced from your wedding bouquet to be gifted to your mother, mother-in-law and bridesmaids, not forgetting your own special keepsake.  Each bouquet can produce up to eight scarves. Let’s not forget the groom, as a stylish pocket handkerchief can be that something special for him to use for years.  

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To celebrate life’s milestones we can produce a scarf from any significant birthday, celebration or anniversary. Your flowers surrounding these events can capture and preserve the memory of an important birthday, special wedding anniversary or just about any occasion you can imagine where beautiful flowers are involved.

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cherish the wedding scarf


Sentimental scarves produced from a loved one’s special garden, their service flowers or a collection of their favourite flowers and greenery. Cherishing the memory of your loved ones.

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