Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Memory Scarf FAQ

Memory Scarf FAQ

What is the concept or your inspiration for these beautiful scarves?

So much of a funeral is ephemeral, by the end of the day it has all gone with the event captured only in memory and photos. The House of Ferguson wanted to offer something that truly captured the special essence of “The Day”, to be cherished and passed down over generations. Flowers, typically, have a limited life so we choose to experiment with ancient Japanese plant dyeing techniques to produce something timeless and precious.

If a family would like a series of heirloom scarves created, what does it involve?

Up to five scarves can be made from an average-size flower arrangement. Extra flowers can be gathered from other arrangements or flowers from your garden can be used to make additional scarves or pocket squares.

What happens to our flowers when they arrive at your studio?

When your flowers arrive at our studio they are carefully deconstructed with the flowers and leaves placed onto your chosen fabric for the printing process to begin.

Are there particular flowers or foliage that work best in making the scarf or pocket square?

From experience, each arrangement usually has a good selection of beautiful flowers to use. However, we are happy to discuss floral options with you.

What fabrics or materials do you print on?

We use the very finest pure silk satin and cashmere fabrics.

Is there anything we should keep in mind when ordering the Memory Scarf?

The most important thing to remember is that your floral arrangement or garden flowers will take on natural tones and hues interpreted during the organic printing process. Each commission is unique, hand-crafted, a timeless piece of art “signed by nature”.

How do the scarves arrive? How are they presented?

Each Memory Scarf will be presented in individual elegant packaging, nestled in hand-printed tissue.

How do I care for my Memory Scarf?

Dry clean only.

Ready to order your scarf?

Ready to order your scarf?